Saturday, February 02, 2008

Murphy's Law

If anything can go wrong, it will.

Yesterday, our Mayor asked me to go to the regional office of DOH. To look for a missing part of an x-ray, which is non-functioning in our RHU for the past 10 years.

The day started out really good because I got a free ride going to the DOH office in San Fernando, La Union. This is an hour and a half ride from our barrio. But as expected, I didn't find the missing part. I mean come on! It has been 10 years and the supply officers can't even remember it!

It was only 30 minutes past 10 when I finished my business. I was happy because I was going home straight to Manila. With only 100 pesos left in my wallet, I walked to the bank to withdraw my fare money which costs around 400 pesos. LandBank atms were offline so I went to BDO, again offline. I was still optimistic when I was walking to BPI because I was thinking, no, it couldn't be that all the ATM in the entire city are offline.

But guess what? BPI atms were also offline. And yes, it's possible that all ATMs in an entire city can go offline all at the same time! I was starting to panic because there was no way that I could get home to Manila because all my money are in those damn ATMs which are not working!

But of course, Murphy's Law will never beat me. I was hungry, panicky but I when I saw that big bug with red stripes, my stress melted. I decided to spend all my money on Chicken Joy and wait for those damn ATMs to go online.

Yummy chicken.


Bone MD said...

and you thought you wound need money in the barrios huh?

At least me chicken joy!


MerryCherry said...

Hahaha, i know. Who would have thought i would need money in the barrio?

fuchsia girl said...

when all else fails, have a chicken joy meal... panalo pa rin! :-)