Sunday, March 02, 2008

7 months to go and counting!

The reality that in exactly 7 months and 18 days, I will be leaving this barrio, scares me to death. No, not because I don’t want to leave but because of the fact that by then, I really, really have to face the freaking reality that I either have to go into residency or… go into residency.

I have always known that I will have to do that… eventually. Two years in the DTTB program only delayed the inevitable and it also helped me decide, FINALLY, what field to specialize in.

My Dad always said that the program was just a form of an escape for me. An excuse for me to follow my other passion – traveling. He’s right.

So with approximately 240 days (of quasi-freedom) from the toxicity of hospital routine, together with my 2 doctor friends Kat and Ya, I traveled 2 countries, saw hundreds (well, almost) of tourists spots, rode a million buses and trains (exaggeration, take note) and got held up, forever (it certainly felt like that) in Singapore immigration (damn!).

The famous Petronas Twin Towers behind us while we desperately try to get a good shot using a human tripod -- my hand. :)

Then there's Melaka. A good 3-hour drive/bus ride from KL (Kuala Lumpur). It's so much like Intramuros but bigger and well-maintained. A tour here can actually be a work out too, by walking the entire area to see all the museums and nice spots. TIP: go on a Weekend because it's famous Jonker Street (like Bangkok's Chatuchak) is open only on those days.

From Malacca, another 3-hour drive/bus ride, you are already in Singapore. There are the usual places like the Night Safari and Day Zoo.

But if there's one place you shouldn't miss seeing, it would have to be Sentosa. The place is amazing... and expensive. Hahaha. And if you are a beach-aholic like me, don't forget to bring your bathing suits.

Hold on, I was just whining a few minutes ago about residency, right? How in the world will I go through that? I have 7 months to condition myself. I need to learn self hypnosis quickly or else... I'm in trouble.


dr_clairebear said...

don't worry, residency is exciting in a very different way. :))

i'm going about things backwards - residency first, and now... wala. wandering aimlessly, is more like it! and i don't regret my decision to take the year off... yet. ;P in the long run naman, we'll all still get to where we want to go.

good luck and enjoy the rest of your freedom while it lasts!

en|gma said...

Night Safari is my favourite spotin Singapore. I'm a water lover, but I must say I was more amazed by the nocturnal animals and the sound of the night :) Love ur photo! Very rare for people to have a photo taken able to reach the Night Safari Sign!

Looks like u had a great trip!