Sunday, January 20, 2008

Damo at iba pa

There are patients who are just remarkable enough that every physician remembers them, either for good or not so good reason.

In my case, my RHD (that would be rheumatic heart disease) patients are unforgettable because they are only 2 and they come to the clinic monthly, for Penicillin injections. Not to mention that they are both boys in high school, what a coincidence.

These two patients both had unfortunate accidents before Christmas, both sustaining laceration and punctured wound.

The younger one came to me last Friday, for penicillin injection, and I was really touched because he brought me gulay, well, more of edible plant. I forgot what the midwives called it but it was the first time I saw that plant.

In the past 14 months that I have been in the area, this are the kind of things that really touches my heart. So much so that I brought this home to my Dad.

My Dad was surprised because he didn't know what the plant was (considering my dad is into all kinds of edible grass and plants or anything exotic for that matter). We sauteed the leaves and some young stalk, as per my midwives' direction. Well, it tasted like any other leafy vegetable.

What made it remarkable was that it was given to me, as a sign of a patients' appreciation of my work. And that taste better than anything in this world.


My next topic would come as a surprise after reading the above blog.

I am bored.

After 14 months in the barrio, I feel like I am growing roots or something. It's not really the work, well, partly it's because of the work. Mostly though, it's because of my personality. I get easily bored.

I feel like I have been the area for ages and I am actually looking for new challenges. I miss the consultant's wrath, sleepless duty in the hospital, numerous patients, etc.

But more importantly, I miss the city. The accessibility of EVERYTHING in the city.

Get me out of here... in October. Hahaha :)


en|gma said...

The art of appreciation really touches the heart enormously! Most importantly, it's actually recognising and appreciating the act itself. If you can't appreciate any appreciation given to loses it's whole value.

MerryCherry said...

Damn gladys. Nabaliw ako sa comment mo. :) Hahaha ang deep.