Friday, January 04, 2008

Five Cows

I don't have a sweet tooth. That's why people are usually surprised when I don't like chocolates as much as other people, I don't normally crave for something sweet after dinner and ice cream and cakes are not part of my comfort food.

Last night though I couldn't help but search out this dessert place, highly recommended by my good friend Apple. She was raving about it so I took my other friend Aleine to check it out.

Once we got to Trinoma, we asked the guard where can we find Five Cows. The guard directed us to the 4th level, but he failed to mention that it was INSIDE the mall, not OUTSIDE.

We failed to find Five Cows but my friend saw Holy Cow in the outside part of the mall, so we walked over to this place only to find out that it was close and it was a steak house.

I couldn't believe it. I was pretty sure that Apple said it was an ice cream/cake place and it was in Trinoma. But I will not let a misdirection stop me from finding this dessert place. After doing some errands, we asked again and finally! We found Five Cows. For those who are planning to check out the place, it's in Trinoma, 4th Level, near Olympic World, INSIDE the mall, not outside.

Their best sellers are ice cream cakes. They have the ice cream cake version or our local turon. I forgot what they call it though, Torta something, but we didn't get to try it because they ran out of it. Bummer :( Aleine tried the blueberry cheesecake while I tried the almond rocky road. Wow, it was heavenly. And one serving was actually too much for me. But we tried our very best to finish our orders.

Just in case you were wondering, like we did, why Five Cows -- there are five owners and all their businesses are related to cow by-products.

After that great dessert, all we could say was, 'Holy Cow!' Or should we say, 'Five Cows?'


Em Dy said...

I haven't tried this but I'm curious. Will add this to my must dos.

BTW, I'll include you in my list of Filipino doctors who blog ha?

MerryCherry said...

Sure, it will be my pleasure :)

I am trying out SumoSam this Sunday. I'm glad you ran into my blog Em Dy:)

cindy said...

I'm a big fan of five cows, sarap their desserts! Try ordering the ferrero crunch, sarap!

MerryCherry said...

Will do Cindy, the soonest i can go back. Hehe :)