Monday, April 17, 2006

Greatest Sacrifice

Yesterday, I almost cried.

After spending two great days with my entire family, I had to leave early in the morning to go on duty at the Anesthesia Department. I have done this like a million times but it becomes more difficult to do it as I go along. What makes this one different is that I just spent two ultra-fun days with my entire family and they are not leaving Pampanga till the end of the the day. I had to wake up really early and leave for Manila.

It may sound so melodramatic for most but imagine missing out on most family gatherings, birthdays, reunions, graduation and even death anniversaries. The very few times that you get to be with them, it is almost often cut off short because you have to go on duty early the next day. Imagine that.

Yesterday when I was about to get up and take a bath, it really felt like I was doing the greatest sacrifice of my life. I could just missed my duty and forget about my responsibilities. However, it was Easter and as a form of my sacrifice, I would go on duty. I got off the bed.

Now that my duty was over, it felt really good doing what was right eventhough it felt like the wrong thing yesterday morning. I am sure that I will encounter more and more of this in the following years because of my chosen profession. I cannot promise that I will always be doing the right thing. But rest assured that I will do the right thing when it is most needed.

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