Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am Merry Cherry and I'm a potential alcoholic but a certified TV, internet, coffee addict. Presently, I am under a self-imposed rehabilitation.
  • Watch less and less of the tube. I'm doing it gradually that is why I am giving myself at least 4 hours a week now for American Idol, CSI and Grey's Anatomy, and maybe a little Seinfeld. Ok make that 6. By May, I can cut it down to 2 for AI.
  • Study more and talk less. Since studying is really my goal, I got to keep that in mind and make Starbucks Vito Cruz my favorite instead of Rob's cause I don't run into people I know. But that would mean sitting beside noisy college students talking about nothing-ness. Decisions, decisions.
  • Surf less then eventually, stop surfing the net at all. No checking of mail, chatting over at YM, updating my photos and profile in Friendster and definitely NO BLOGGING!Waaaaaaah!
  • No dining out, no meeting up with friends and no out of town trips. On weekends, maybe?

Always easier said, err written, than done. Lead me Lord.

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