Sunday, December 11, 2005

Still Jobless at 26

I never realized how 'abnormal' being a med student was until my cousin asked me, "What? You're 26 and you still ask for an allowance from Tito?!?!" with as much control as she could.

I never really worked, I mean, worked in a real job which pays. In med school, most of my classmates were also new graduates from college who never really experienced being employed. Getting our weekly/monthly allowance from our parents was a normal thing. Age was never an issue. We were experts at budgeting our meager allowance between countless transcriptions, after-exam-drinking binges, starbucks, movies and yes, lunch when we have time for it. We were pretty good at this since we are also mindful of asking for extra money from our parents.

I am thankful that I got a Dad and an entire herd of Titos and Titas who never complained of my asking for money every now and then. So I never really thought that at 26, asking for allowance is very unusual since most of my friends do that. I even have a classmate who's 31 and he's also a dependent. Since I move in that world, who's to say I'm abnormal.

My cousins on the other hand already had several jobs in the past 5 years and the last time most of them asked for money from their parents was, uh, they can't remember. Me? Just today.

But I guess, that is where my 'abnormality' ends because I may never have had a paying job, but I know how it is to work because I have been working for over a year. 24 hour duties every 3 days is work. My training as a physician may not pay me, but it definitely puts me in working mode.

I don't feel as abnormal as I did after my cousin practically broke the house down with her question. Yes, I may still ask for allowance but my training is real work which makes it more complicated because with the amount of job that we do in the hospital, we should be paid.

But the government doesn't give enough room for that and that's another issue.

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