Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cooking Chinese Today

The goal to healthier us (that is, Chuy and I) started early last year. I can't remember exactly what triggered it but we just realized that we were not invincible. We are just as vulnerable to different lifestyle diseases if we don't do something about our health. For starters, we exercised regularly and vowed to decrease red meat in our diet, among other things. That meant I had to come up with healthier yet enticing new dishes for Chuy. 

I was never a fan of fish fillet dishes. That had to change though because my options are now limited. With red meat out of the scenario, half of what I used to cook with was gone from the list. Of the few fish dish that I like, my favorite is the fish fillet with garlic from Hap Chan. I searched for recipe but was not hopeful that I would get one. In fact, I was OK with a recipe close or similar to it. But thanks to a Filipino doctor, mom and blogger in Toronto, I got a recipe.  

I added stir fried bokchoy as a side dish, a tip that I got from 1 of the comments in that post. Chuy loved it, I loved it. Go try it. Kung Hei Fat Choy!


ria said...

it looks yummy che! :) see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Chuy - sarap, busog na busog ako:)

Anonymous said...

Sarap, busog na busog ako!