Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missing the Barrio

One of the interns rotating in our Department asked me if I was a former Doctor to the Barrio. I answered yes and asked how she knew. She said that she read some of my articles these past couple of years. I said thank you but that question led me back to my life there which ended exactly a year ago.

I miss that life because it's the exact opposite of some of the things I go through here in the city. I miss...

  • a daily routine that is driven by your needs, not by your watch
  • waking up at 8 if I want to!
  • no traffic in the streets; I can literally do cartwheel in the middle of it
  • sound of river, crickets and owl putting me to sleep, not physical exhaustion
  • patient, polite and grateful patients in contrast to...
  • almost always greeted when walking on the streets and having the time to make small chats because I want to not because I have to
  • eating when I want to not when I only can
  • fresh air, no pollutions
  • crossing hanging bridge or wading in the cleanest river
  • my Manongs ang Manangs (that's Kuya and Ate for you)
  • fresh fish and udang (shrimp)
There are only a few of the things that I miss and the list can go on. Generally, I miss the people and the laid-back life.


Katrina said...

hi ma'am che! katz here ... stumbled upon your blog again.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Hi Katz ;)

rheiboy17 said...

the barrio will always be there, waiting for you....

hone your hands that heal, then share it to others in due time

ness said...


i'm glad you're writing again, kahit madalang.

miss your posts, merry cherry!

take care and may this year the a really great one!

MerryCherry, MD said...

Thanks Doc Ness!