Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simply Amazing... Not

I spent the long weekend with Chuy in Jakarta. This being the 2nd time for this year, I did not call Smart customer service because they (always) tell me, whenever I call before an out of the country trip, that it is AUTOMATICALLY activated when you are on a postpaid (which I am).

Let me start this 'mad' story by telling you that I have been a subscriber of Smart since 2000. That makes it about 9 years now, 6 of those on pre-paid, 3 on post paid. I never shifted to another service provider, although I also used Globe pre-paid for sometime when Chuy was in Caribbean. I am THAT loyal to Smart (or that lazy to change numbers).

Last March, I decided to downgrade my post paid since I am already in Manila and Chuy was assigned in Asia. Meaning, I will use less of my text and calls compared to when I was in Ilocos Sur. But still, I retained my plan. But that, I think, was my gravest decision this year.

I got a new phone as part of my retention plan which got stolen a week after (bad omen). But that's ok, I still got to retain my old number. But no, Smart made me pay a freaking 350 pesos for the SIM card replacement. Yes, 350 pesos, eventhough my phone (with SIM of course) was stolen.

Going back to my story. I didn't call the customer service prior to going to Jakarta because I have always had roaming when I leave the country. But guess what? Yes, you guessed it right. Once I landed in JKT, I don't have a signal. Not a bar.

Thinking that it had something to do with my new SIM, I asked my cousin Weng, who's in the Philippines, to call Smart customer service to activate my roaming. Here is the 'new' rule that got me pissed off, big time, that I can't wait for the day that my plan with Smart will end.

  • when you are on plan 1200 or lower, the subscriber needs to submit a letter of request and deposit 2500 pesos for roaming activation
I don't get it! Why is that it is free to have your roaming activated when you are on a prepaid but when you are on a post paid plan, they make it doubly hard for you? Not to mention that I have been a subscriber of this company for YEARS, always on time in paying bills and with my usage, I can apply for their platinum plans!

I was raging mad while I was conversing and instructing my cousin online. I felt violated and I feel like injustice was done to me. I really can't wait to end my contract with this company who falsely claims to be of service to the Filipino people.

The power to lead? Simply amazing? I so doubt it right now.


ness said...

bad trip naman. kainis.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Yeah :((

Yaris said...

Doc, I have the same experience with roaming, but with Globe, their OFW pack. Terrible. So, go for sun? lol!

tea said...


-tea (globe subscriber) hehe