Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Wish!

Christmas equals gifts
Gifts warrants a list
A list with wishes or names
Why not turn this into a game?

Gifts from far and near
Most you can see, some you can hear.
Wishes that are tangible,
some impossible.

4x4 to drive for my father,
My lolo and lola to live longer.
Plasma TV for my Honey,
I just wish I have the money.

My wish for our President,
a bottle of truth serum
a robe of transparency
a mile of patience.

A new President is what we need
In 2010, one which Filipino will heed.
One who won't bleed this country dry
One who won't make us cry.

I wish for higher salaries
for Pinoy MDs who stay.
I wish for health for all,
every Filipino, big or small.

I wish for The Blog Rounds
to stay inspiring and sound.
Blogger members to increase in number
and have an EB this summer.

It's free to wish and dream
especially when one is grim.
Christmas is for wishes coming true
one reason to stop being blue.

My wish for you
that your wishes do come true.
This is my Entry to TBR 22.
I wish you have one too.


ness said...

Hurray, Merry Cherry,

Isn't this fun, huh? :-)

the philippine daily idiot said...

hahaha, i love it!

Ligaya said...

I'll try to habol! ;-)

By the way, in Cebuano, that statement above would mean "I'll try to blanket." Wala lang hehehe

the philippine daily idiot said...

In Tagalog, it's habel. LOL.

Eto joke: What is "gitna" in Cebuano?

Ans: Midol.

E what is "gitna" in Ilocano?

Ans. senteRRRRRR (vibrating RRR).

E how do the Tagalog laugh online?

ans. LEL!


MerryCherry, MD said...


This would be a good idea for future TBR hosting. It's joke time!

Funny talaga. :)) And corny.

Anonymous said...

angiti lan po ako doc che.. hehe
atanong lang po ako kay PDI, ano po ang ibig sabihin ng LEL? hehe