Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Blog Rounds 22: The Gift (Round-up)

Fifty-seven days to go before Christmas!

One of the major tasks prior to this much-celebrated Holiday involves gifts. Of course, the are other tasks like decorating, planning parties and summing up all those annual reports (since the New Year is a few days after Christmas). But we all have to admit that gift (giving or receiving) is a big part of the celebration and with it comes a lot of work (and money!)

It is just then appropriate that 2 early birds for this round gave us priceless tips: over at Pulse, Em Dy writes on the following lists that come in handy during the season; at Practical Tips and More, Doc Joey shares some tips that she learned through the years on gift-giving. Thanks to both of you for these tips.

The next 4 entries(5 just now) coincidentally looks back on their childhood and what gifts/gift giving (or the absence of it) meant to them. In Scrubbed Out, Brian tells us why the best gifts are those not placed under the living room Christmas tree and ends with his grown-up list. I can't agree more.

Anesstajah brings us a mystery gift from rudolf the red nosed reindeer and how she discovered that she loves wrapping gifts, so much so that she can wrap all day and night, if need be. Makes me want to bring my gifts over to her, for wrapping, of course.

Doc Gi at The Last Song Syndrome tells us about a very beautiful person whom she wrongly thought the worst recipient of gifts and this person's best and last gift.

Gaya in An Adventure Called Life tells us a Santa story: Santa that is so much like his Father and how they were lucky to have had him in their lives. It was a gift beyond measure.

Our guest blogger for this round is one of my online buddy Linapuhan who wrote a tear-inducing entry, Gift-less Christmas that ends with his wish list for his nanay and tatay. I really hope you make it happen Linapuhan.

The Blogs Rounds can't go without some hint of comical sarcasm and social relevance (or at least the attempt to have it). Meloinks in The Philippine Daily Idiot enlightens us on the gift economy and how The Blog Rounds, among other things, is a good example of it.

I, on the other hand, have some wishes for our President, for family and other things. I am waiting for some entries too. :)

Gifts come in many forms. Gift giving consumes our resources -- time, money and even space. But the process of making a list, thinking of gift (even generic ones) and preparing them is what makes it fun. More often than not, those gifts that we can't see or touch are the ones that make the most mark to us.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Anonymous said...

salamat din po for inviting me to be your guest blogger. yung LEL, tanong ko din po yan kay Philippine Daily eh. hehe, hindi ko rin po naintidihan. si PDI po ang may pakana. haha.

Manggy said...

Hi Cherry! Gosh, sorry I wasn't able to participate. Sobrang kaweirduhan na naman ang nangyari. I actually had a story in mind pa! Anyway, good job on the round-up. Off to read 'em-- happy holidays doc! :)

Ligaya said...

hi doc che!

i know it might be too late, but i finally wrote something. hehe! it's up at

as for the LEL, i THINK it's because... well, example, sa word "bicycle" the vowel sound in -cle is somewhere between o and e right? Bisaya speakers would tend to pronounce it as bicy-KOL and Tagalog speakers tend to lean towards bicy-KEL.

at least i think that's the explanation. i am never too sure what goes on inside the mind of that crazy guy who writes PDI (hahaha, hi doc mel!)

MerryCherry, MD said...

Manggy, no problem. Thanks for 'intending' to submit one. Hehe. Happy Holidays!

Ligaya, thanks for the explanation.I thought of that too but I got confused because E might actually represent a word like Out in the LOL ;) Will add up your entry. Thanks!

ness said...

hi merry cherry,

maligayang pasko (ang aga, ano!)sa ating lahat!

congrats for the round up. matagal ko ng gustong ikwento ang tungkol kay rudolf. thanks for the opportunity.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Welcome Doc Ness. Happy Holidays!

rheiboy17 said...

kakatayo lang namin ng krismas tree sa bahay, immediately after the nov1-2 weekend. pasko na nga. parang summary itong blog na ito ah.

summary rounds ba? hehehe. residency!

the philippine daily idiot said...

LEL. hey, che. ummm I think only Cebuano speakers will get the in-joke right away. right, gaya? Hardcore Cebuano speakers will always wonder, "Is everything there in Manila with a suffix '-le' pronounced '-el' ?"

"As 'candle' is 'candel,' is 'table' 'teybel'? Is 'vegetable' 'bejtabel'? Is 'raffle' 'rafel'?"

Scrabel. Apel. Ogel. Ripel. Coupel. Mapel.

Hi, pipel!

Anonymous said...

hi doc, i’ve just tagged you. pls visit my blog to see it!