Saturday, August 18, 2007

Half Full

In the past weeks, my spirit is really down because of some problems I had regarding my benefits from the LGU where i worked. For sometime, i felt like every working moment is hell. I've never felt this way since internship and i hate that feeling -- that you are only working just to work.

But since I've always had high standards especially in my profession, even though it's taking me so much effort to still give my best, i decided that I will. I will still work like I'm paid a million bucks, get through my contract here and make myself proud in the end.

Last Tuesday, I went o Candon City to file the Phil Health accreditation of the RHU. But before doing that, I had to have some papers notarized so I passed by a notary public. Surprises of all surprises, Atty. Tudayan, a board member in Candon City, didn't charge me a single peso when he learned that I am a doctor to the barrio. Especially when he learned that I am filing papers for a health program.

I went out of his office feeling glad that I am a doctor to the barrio. At this time when I am doubting if I my work is appreciated, I needed that to reassure me that people do appreciate my efforts and the rest of my colleagues in DTTB.

I remember at that moment what i always tell my friends, 'It's just a matter of looking at the glass as half empty or half full.'

I just realized then that sometimes, it's easier said than done. But after what happened, I know I should start seeing the glass as half full. After all, I have a lot to be thankful for. But that deserves another blog.

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