Thursday, June 07, 2007


If there is one experience that I will never forget from the studying at the state university, it is falling in line. Every iskolar ng bayan, especially from Diliman, will totally agree with me when I say nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat the long registration lines in UP.

So I was really disappointed when I was asking people how to go about getting a passport from DFA. Everybody replied, " Go early. Mahaba ang pila."

"What? I thought I was over that already!"

So with a much apprehension, I did go to DFA. A little late cause I couldn't make myself to get up early. I thought I was already in trouble cause I was running really late and they said there's a cut-off. But God is so good. Know why? There is a special lane for government employees.

Yipee! This is one of those moments when I am so glad I work for the government. Can you believe it when i say I finished my application in 30 minutes, waiting, seated in an air-conditioned room?

I couldn't help but smile and think, "Ang babaw ko talaga."

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