Saturday, April 14, 2007


I am a quasi-OC. Meaning, i can be extremely organized in some aspects of my life, but a total mess on some. Like, when it comes to out of town trips, parties or get together, you can trust me to organize it, be it in a day or in a month. I can organize a weekend dinner or a baby shower for a friend from anywhere in the Philippines. So it was not surprising that I actually had our Vigan-Pagudopod-Ilocos Tour organized 1 month prior. In fact, I even sent an email to Yaya and Kat about the specifics of the tour a week prior that I was so proud of my organizational skills.

The bad thing about being overly organized is that, sometimes, you don't leave much room for contingencies. And when it doesn't go my way, i get sorely disappointed.

Monday before our weekend tour, i was told that there was going to be a medical mission sponsored by the hydro power plant in Alilem. And that could only mean one thing -- I have to cancel our plans. OR, convince my friends that they help me in the mission.

Luckily, they agreed to help me. In exchange, we'll just have a night on the beach in La Union. I was really grateful that I had friends who are adaptable. And that there are comparable tourist attractions in Alilem. So we had a tour of the hanging bridges and the cleanest river ever.

It was so far the best week I have ever had in Alilem. I have friends to sleep with at night, to help me in the clinic during the day. It was also only then that I realize I miss Yaya and Kat so much, along with my other friends in med school. We had a great time together that going home was bittersweet.

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