Friday, September 22, 2006

Taking the oath

We took our oaths last Sunday, September 17. As expected, the outside of PICC was really congested. Luckily, I entered with Angge and some of our batchmates, Lui, Audie and Sharma so the slow-moving line wasn't as bad as I thought. We even had fun taking pictures.

As always, the entrance was so congested that getting in was already tiring. We should have come a lot earlier but early means more waiting.
They say Filipino time lags by about an hour. It's true! Even in a formal event like this, we started about an hour later that what it says in the program. What's new. There is nothing else to do but take pictures. And search out cute guys.

I was sitting with my friends Icel, Kat, Obeng, Angge, Mark and some of our batchmates It wasn't bad sitting behind the Deans and near the stage. You won't fall asleep or whatever.
At the end of the program, we had to get our licenses and that wasn't easy. Can you imagine all 1,400++ of us newly passed physician excited to get our licenses. There was only one word to describe it -- CHAOS. The PRC officials tried to make us fall in line, but in vain. People were in-organizable. Being naturally competitive, I dragged my friend Kat through it and we found ourselves in front of the pack getting our envelopes. There was one problem though, we didn't know how to get out since the people behind us were pushing. I don't know how we got out alive, with our formal, flimsy clothes intact. But we did.

There is just one thing and one thing to do in events like this, take lovely pictures.

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