Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pugad Baboy, atbp.

From PDI

Pugad Baboy is one of the comic strips which I was always addicted to. Found it by accident cause my Dad's favorite newspaper is the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Since high school, I used to cut-out my favorite strips and put them in between pages of my favorite books. My favorite characters? Brosia, Polgas of course and Mang Dagul. But somehow, during my very busy adult life, I totally forgot about the strip. I stopped reading the newspaper and instead picked up medical journals. Then one day, my Facebook was full of notifications from family and friends tagging me. The post? It's an issue all of you must know by now, Pol Medina's hit on 'kulasa.'

You see, I grew up in the 'Benedictine world', as we fondly call it. I went to their exclusive schools until my secondary education. So when I saw this protest post, I just laughed. I really found the strip very funny. Because I believe Pol just wrote something that none of us dared to speak of.

True, not every one who studies in these exclusive schools enter into a same-sex relationship. I did not. Or maybe I was one of the ugly ducklings cause the strip said 'all pretty girls.'  Besides, I like men. Although I don't find anything wrong with my girlfriend liking another girl. Much like there is nothing wrong when a boy and a girl end up together in a co-ed high school. Its natural for humans to seek love and companionship.

Anyway, going back to my topic, I realized I missed Pugad Baboy. How it puts everything in a funny perspective without missing the truth. However, Pol was probably safer if he did't single out  St. Scho and suggested that nuns were 'tongrils' (lesbian). But then again, that would be like losing the punch line of a good joke, right?

I was catching up with Pugad Baboy's strips the past weeks on Rappler and I had to look up one punch line cause I didn't get it. Oh it was about what Michael Douglas thought caused his cancer.  I mean, this guy smoked and drank alcohol aside from having oral sex. It would be totally misleading people if he only blames the HPV and oral sex. This one, I believe, deserves another post.

As for Pugad Baboy, I'm not sure I like the new lay-out in Rappler. For an old school like me who used to read it in print, the different punch lines needs sometime to grow on me. I don't even find some punch lines funny or I forget which one is my favorite then have to go back. Sorry Pol. But I still love Pugad Baboy.

By the way, this post should have the #latepost. 

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