Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Next time, I'd rather teach a rock

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I always thought that my profession is difficult. But once I took several subjects at the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions of UP Manila, I realized that teaching is as difficult, if not more difficult.

Of my meager experience as a pre-school teacher 14 years ago, I already knew that teaching is probably one of the professions that has the greatest social responsibility. I only have great respect for my memorable professors like Dr. Malijan, Dr. Go and Teacher Carol, or my teacher friends Ria, Monsi and numerous colleagues from college.

I can think of several things that makes teaching difficult. But just yesterday, I encountered 1 -- a junior whom I think is not receptive, more of resistant, to learning.

How do you deal with a junior who doesn't want to learn? How do you deal with a junior who raises his voice when you comment on his mistakes? How do you deal with a junior who becomes defensive when you make suggestions for his improvement?

In a learning institution like PGH, teaching your juniors is a requirement even if you hate doing it. But I like teaching. I like sharing what I know or learned with the people around me. I believe that teaching is one of the best thing that I can do. Something like what I can pass to the future generation.

But yesterday, it felt like a glass of water was thrown right at my face. It felt like all my good intentions (of teaching) went down the drain. I felt violated, not only because he was my junior (although that's a factor), but because of I only had good intentions.

I was thinking that I would have felt, and learned, better if I taught a rock.


Bonedoc said...

I get you che. the thing with teaching residents is that not one of our good intentions will sink in on them when they are pre occupied with so many things. And when they are more keen on the "scut" rather than the learning from the interaction...
Keep on teaching. Most students who admire their prof are those that they hate..ironically.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Doc Remo, I will surely continue teaching. Even if I can change 1 out of 10, that's worth it :)

tea said...

teach me doc.Im always willing to learn from you. love yah!