Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doctor for Health

Are you a doctor of the sick or a doctor for health asks one of our consultants.

My seatmate uttered, what’s the difference? One said, isn’t it given that we are a doctor of the sick? In my mind, I have a difinte answer, I am a doctor for health, or at least, trying to be one.

What’s the difference? Humongous. Big. But one it not entirely better than the other. Just different.

Yes it is already given that doctor cures the sick. This is what we were trained to be in medical school. One who is biomedically oriented treating the physical illness of person. Those who are skilled at these will make great specialist.

A doctor for health is not usually emphasized as much in our training. He is biopsychosocially oriented. Treating not only the physically sick but apparently well patients with underlying psychosocial illness. This is what will make a very good family physician, among others.

The latter is what I hope to be in the next 3 years.


ness said...

Happy New Year and advanced Happy Valentines, Merry Cherry!

Glad to see you took a breather and said hi to us here in blogosphere who have been missing you lots.

Take care and go learn a lot! I know you are going to make one fantastic, wholistic, doctor for health!

Ria said...

you already are a GREAT care not only for the physical welfare of your patients, but for their well-being in all sense of the least that's what i see in you!!!

Anonymous said...

hi doc che. this entry reminds me of dr. maxwell maltz.. my latest read is his Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living out of Life. a good read indeed. btw, the book is available online but i got mine for only 30 pesos. :) (pick-a-book at robinsons mall). finally, you're back . ako rin di na nakakapost sa blog. beri biri. tsk.
have a great day. ;)

Ling Xiaoyu said...

I'm a vet and in my field, i also take care of sick animals who apparently have diseases that are preventable either through vaccinations, deworming and proper management.

i always emphasize on my clients (owners of the animals) that prevention is way better than cure.