Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cry Baby

Reminds you of the candy?

I could very well have made it because I am a true blue cry baby - with or without the candy. I cry about absolutely anything and everything.

To illustrate, I cry in almost every Maalala Mo Kaya episode that I saw way back in College. To illustrate even further...

Top 10 things that makes me cry:

  1. Chuy
  2. Pag napagalitan (I know! You would think that at this age, it won't matter anymore but it does!)
  3. Cheesy movies like Dying Young (favorite!); not so cheesy ones like Black Diamond
  4. Books like Daddy (Danielle Steel), Tuesdays with Morrie, etc
  5. Frustrations
  6. Crabs/Back biters
  7. Patients (let's not even start)
  8. Homeless people
  9. Streetchildren
  10. Christmas

That pretty covers everything in my life. When you see me crying while watching a soap opera or some lousy cheesy movie, don't ask. Mababaw ang luha ko!

You would understand then why it's absolutely fine with me if people cry, men included.

It's the best stress buster I know and it's free.


This is my entry to The Blog Rounds 21 over at aNesstajah.


en|gma said...

Hey Che...I'm a cry baby too but not in public...I always do it privately...unless something is so intense I cannot control my tears anymore!

Hey, I also like your photo in the next blog...sophisticated!!!

Anonymous said...

ako din iyakin pero sekreto lang. hehe. naiyak talaga ako sa "Anak". whew. kaso walang nakapansin kasi nag CR ako . wahaha. aminan na to. ika nga ng kasabihan: "Boys don't cry, men do." :-D

MerryCherry, MD said...

Enigma and Linapuha, mga closet cry babies pala kayo. :)

pensucks said...

ate napanood kita sa tv. hahaha... agad akong nagblog para iconfirm na ikaw nga yun, tapos sinearch sa google then voila! ikaw nga.hahaha.... ganda mo pala sa tv kapantay lang si charlene. ut cfongrats ha.

The Last Song Syndrome said...

hi che,

your reasons seem to be valid naman :) wait, ba't pati christmas?

crybaby (the candy) is yummy


MerryCherry, MD said...

Pensucks, salamat. :)

Doc Gi, feeling ko kasi pag pasko, dapat lahat happy at dapat walang paghihirap sa mundo at dapat lahat ng kids, happy. Pero during this season, mas dumarami kasi mga street kids, kaya kakalungkot.

ness said...

yes, nakakaiyak talaga ang anak! sobrang tigas na yon pag di pa naiyak, :-)