Saturday, May 31, 2008

(we)B Log

Why do I blog?

Because I like to document my life. I have this crazy dream that someday, I might be a little famous or die in a really 'heroic' way, that is worth covering on TV, then people will start reading about me. What a better way to chronicle everything than a journal right?

Or even if I don't become famous, I like to record the events in my life or bottle up my feelings and thoughts through writing.

But I couldn't successfully keep a conventional journal for the following reasons: my handwriting is bad, I mean, really bad; my fingers couldn't keep up with my thoughts, meaning, I usually lose my train of thought because I write so slow; and I hate hand writing.

Luckily, I type fast and accurately too (had typing lessons in High School). That's why I have been keeping my journals in the computer for a long time. So when my friend Melissa introduced me to Blogging, I was ecstatic. Finally! I can keep my journal without having to save, print and lose them!

Web Log

I remember that I learned about the word blog in med school. After convincing most of my classmates to make their Friendster account, I was convincing them to blog next. Then my classmate M.I. asked, 'Do you know where the word blog came from?'

'No.' And I thought I was the techie one here.

'Web Log. They shortened it to Blog.'

'Uhmm, nice trivia.'

Then I became addicted. It started out as an easier way, for me at least, to chronicle my life. Now, it is a habit.

What do I blog about?

I used to blog about my personal thoughts, my travel, unofficial review of movies, books or food. Now, I blog to share my more socially relevant experiences as a Doctor to the Barrios. When I stray to personal experiences, it is to update my family and friends whom I don't get to see often. It's usually an icing on the cake when a total stranger pass along and picks a few lessons or tips from this blog.

My blog was never meant to be a medical blog. I am just too much of a doctor most of the day that I want this blog to be my respite from that world.

Restrictions? I don't (or couldn't) write about the most personal thoughts or events of my life. I could only do that in my 'conventional' journal, meant for my eyes only. I am still not comfortable with the idea of strangers reading about my 'private' life, well, that is if there are strangers reading my blog. Are there?


This is my contribution to the 13th (Lucky 13!) ed. of The Blog Rounds being hosted by the Man of TBR, Bone MD.


J.A. said...

Hmmm...The thing about using blogger is that anyone can access your post. I usually cross-post using my multiply account, keeping some stuff for only my closest friends or even only for myself. Some things are then kept more private.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Right J.A.,just learned today how to deactivate the cross post with Multiply. Will do that to make the Multiply blog more personal and this one, not so much :)

Got meloinks? said...

keep blogging doktora.

Nway, shameless plug. TBR 12-and-1/2 topic is here:

MerryCherry, MD said...

Will do Meloinks.

Got meloinks? said...

habol pa rin doktora.