Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From dusk till dawn

Dusk was my favorite time of the day. In fact, I even wrote about this in one of my blogs. Was because ever since I started working in Ilocos Sur, I started to hate it.

It was my favorite time of the day since I love night time. I am crazy about the sun set, the darkness that covers everything unpleasant or ugly and the mystery that it brings. Also, dusk signals the end of the day. End of toxic hospital duty. This is the time to sleep, eat out, watch movie, hang out with friends, or just spend quiet time at home with my family.

But when I got employed, dusk became my alone time. It signals the very same thing it does in my former life but there is only one problem. This time, I have to spend almost every dusk alone. There’s nobody to dine out with, movie house to go to, friends to hang out and family to dine with. So you can imagine how I must feel every dusk, every sun set, or every night for that matter.

I never thought I’d ever say this but I actually feel sad when it is time to go home. I feel sad not because I would like to continue working, but because 5pm means that I have to be alone again for the night.

But don’t feel sad for me. Alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely. Or does it?

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daydream believer said...

for the most part, i do agree that alone time is by far the most special and important time of day, at least for my part. it's time for me to sit and think, or stare off into space if that be the case...while alone may not necessarily equate to lonely, it can get lonely, especially when too much, too long, too constant.