Monday, December 25, 2006

Boob tube, Ilokano, etc.

I never thought I would survive without TV, nor internet, for over a month until I was deployed in Ilocos Sur. I couldn't believe it myself but it's true. I went for an entire month without watching House or CSI.

I realized that I could go for an entire lifetime without TV provided I still get to talk to my family.

TV, just like any material thing in my life, is dispensable. It is the intangible stuff that really matters. I have never appreciated my family or friends' text messages as much as I do now. I remember on my first day in Ilocos Sur, I cried everytime I get a call because I get so overwhelmed with being alone.


The thing about growing up near the city and in the city is that you grow up thinking that the entire Philippines speak the pambansang wikang Filipino. When I got to Ilocos, boy, was i sorely mistaken.

I don't understand even a word of Ilocano and I soon realized that was a handicap for me. In Ilocos, it is not normal to speak Filipino so when I am not concern, they won't speak Filipino even when I am around.

If you ask how I deal with my patients who don't speak a word of Ilocano but Kankanaey, I say that that deserves an entire blog of its own.


In relation, once when I got back from hiking to a barangay, one of my staff asked me what we ate for lunch, I answered, sitaw (string beans).

He laughed and asked, "Aluminum or plastic?" Then everybody laughed. I soon realized that sitaw in Ilocano means timba.

You wouldn't want to know what they call sitaw (string beans) in Ilocano. You'd fall off your chair from laughing. Promise.


duke said...

utong. hahaha.

ask what the ilocano word for "taking so long" is.

Anonymous said...

Funny and inspiring posts.
Keep blogging!

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Advanced Happy Easter MerryCherry!