Thursday, August 24, 2006

Surreal but nice

Surreal but nice -- that was what Hugh Grant said to Julia Roberts when she asked him how he was taking the fact that he was dating her, a superstar. It was only now that I actually understood what he meant. No, I am not dating movie star but I just became a licensed physician! Finally!

I still cannot believe it. As I wrote about 4 months ago in this very same blog, this exam is the BE ALL and END ALL of my existence, and for most of my friends. I may have studied vigorously only for nearly 3 months, but all my life, everything I did or did not do, it was all gearing towards my ultimate dream -- be a doctor!

I don't take the sole credit for this success. It also has everything to do with faith. I remember the sticker that I put up in my corkboard at the start of my review -- PRAY HARD. STUDY HARD. THEN PRAY HARD AGAIN. It worked.

Take in for example the times when my brain was ready to burst with too much information or that it doesn't want to take even a single word and it is just the start of the day, prayers helped. Or the Tuesday after the 1st set of exams and I was crying my heart out because I really believed I flunked that damn Anatomy and Patho, prayers helped, a lot. Or during the Surgery and Pedia exams when I don't even know what the hell is being asked and started to ask myself, "Have I read anything in the past months?", prayers definitely worked.

I am just so relieved right now. I guess this is how Cuba Gooding felt when he won an Oscars for best supporting actor. He thanked and kissed everybody. I want to do just that.

Can I put this feeling in a bottle and save it for life?

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AnaKaT said...

Yes, DOC Che, we did it!!! And I'm so glad ALL of us did it. It wouldn't be this sweet if one was left behind.