Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dream jobs

During our post-graduation out-of-town trip to Batangas last weekend with my groupmates, we played this game where you get to pick a card with a question which everybody will answer. My favorite card was the one which asked us to give our top 3 dream jobs. Since we were all doctors and almost doctors in that group, it was already given that it would be dream jobs aside from being doctors (that is assuming it was really our dream to be physicians in the first place).

Yotot wanted to be a model which is very likely cause he is absolutely gorgeous. Teddy and Monang would want to be lawyers and I cannot think of better people who can be lawyers. Others wanted to be journalist, broadcaster, resort owner (owing that to the fact that we were in a resort), architect and an artist. What I loved most about that question is that we all know we can get these dream jobs if we wanted to, just like pursuing our ultimate dream job -- be a doctor. My top 3 dream jobs?
  1. underwater photographer
  2. professor in a big university
  3. ambassador or any diplomat

I put my mind to it, I can be any of these while being a doctor. Isn't that cool?

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