Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have never liked Neurology nor Neuroanatomy even during med school days. The human brain is so complex that I can't even begin to describe the spinal tracts, pathways, blood supplies, etc. Thinking about them gets me butterflies in the tummy. I can't even figure out how my mind works, then how am I going to figure out other people's minds?

Yesterday was first day in Neurology department. I opted to go on duty at the ER because I love the drama and I saw all the drama that I wanted for the day.The good thing is I survived my 1st 24 hour duty. It is nothing like I imagined. No, not better, only different. Most of our patients were unconscious, in seizure attacks or have slurring of speeches. Can you imagine how difficult it was to get the history, do complete physical and neurologic examination in each of these patients? I was thankful that our residents were exceptionally good and supportive:)

One remarkable patient we had was a 66 year old male who came in due to twitching of the right side of his face? The wife said that the patient's condition started abotu 3 hours prior to consult but they only decided to seek hospital care when the patient had difficulty in speaking. The man came disoriented to time, place nor person, he had that fixed grin on his face and the right side fo his face kept on twitching. It seemed like this man had a permanent smile on his face.

The patient eventually became conscious and coherent after loading him with anti-seizure drugs. He was even well enough to shout at everybody although we couldn't understand a thing that he was saying, except for some profanities. It was 2 am but because we saw how his condition improved, despite all the p.i.'s, he made us all laugh. Our resident even said that if he could curse, then, he is well enough to go home. It was a tiring but funny duty. I cannot think of a more appropriate song than my favorite Matchbox Twenty's Unwell.

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired I know,
right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

No, I wasn't inspired to be a neurologist nor a psychiatrist but I have learned to appreciate what our residents do. I have even overcome my fear of shouting, incoherent, uncontrollable patients. I just wish that I can go the next level and understand what is going on in their minds, hopefully before I myself become neurotic.

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